Duration: 09.2016 – 08.2020
Funding: Horizon 2020


CIVITAS DESTINATIONS aims to change the mind-sets of all stakeholders involved in managing the “mobility for growth” challenge. The problem is particularly evident in the smaller touristic destinations that cannot afford to provide urban transport services all over the year, and do not have enough resources and flexibility to provide sufficient public transport services in the peak season. In such destinations mobility is highly car dependant, and congestion and other harmful mobility impacts are higher.

To show how to address this challenge, DESTINATIONS will implement a set of mutually reinforcing and integrated innovative mobility solutions in six urban laboratory areas: Funchal, Portugal; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain; Limassol, Cyprus; La Valetta, Malta; Elba, Italy; and Rethymno, Greece. Innovative transport solutions implemented in these pilot areas which represent the variety of tourist destination typologies will target the resident and tourist mobility demand with a holistic and integrated planning approach, delivering sustainable mobility strategies and integrated solutions at the destinations and in the countries of origin.

The DESTINATIONS project objectives address the following macro-objectives:

  • Reduce Emissions / Increase Air Quality;
  • Reduce Energy Consumption;
  • Improve Overall Urban Accessibility;
  • Enhance Social Cohesion;
  • Improve Cost Effectiveness and Integration of Transport and Mobility Services

Project partners

  • (Coordinator) Horários do Funchal, Transportes Publicos, S.A. PT
  • Agência Regional da Energia e Ambiente da Região Autónoma da Madeira (AREAM) PT
  • Municipality of Funchal PT
  • Secretaria Regional da Economia Turismo e Cultura (SRETC) PT
  • Regional Agency for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (ARDITI)- PT
  • Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion Company Ltd (LTC) CY
  • Municipality of Limassol (LIMA) CY
  • Stratagem Energy Ltd (STRATA) CY
  • Municipality of Rethymno (RETH) EL
  • Technical University of Crete (TUC) EL
  • Municipality of Rio Marina (RM) IT
  • Municipality of Portoferraio (PF) IT
  • MemEx IT
  • Authority for Transport Malta (TM) MT
  • Valletta Local Council (VLC)- MT
  • Malta Local Councils Association (LCA) MT
  • University of Malta (UoM) MT
  • Ministry of Tourism (MOT) MT
  • Guaguas Municipales (Guaguas) ES
  • CINESI Transport Consultants (CINESI) ES
  • Las Palmas Local Council (LPGC) ES
  • Ingeniería Electrónica Canaria S.L (INELCAN) ES
  • Sagulpa, SA ES
  • Euro Project Consult (EPC) FR
  • Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems IT
  • European Integrated Projects (EIP)- RO
  • Sustainable Services (Gv21) ES
  • Insight Innovation GmbH (II) DE
  • Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) BE

Our role in the project


  • Health assessment, by creating a health assessment framework for the 6 cities involved in the project and by providing recommendations of how health related issues could be included in the development of business cases for future development.
  • Users and stakeholders needs assessment
  • Stakeholders engagement and cooperation
  • International cooperation and links with similar projects and programmes